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Magic Mushroom Coffee has been expertly blended to support productivity, creativity and focus. I use it after my meditation as my morning go-to before a busy day.
Charlotte Cliffe
Vivo Life Nutritionist
Fair Trade
Fair Trade
Compostable Packaging
Compostable Packaging
Lion's Mane Mushroom
Lion's Mane Mushroom
Third Party Tested
Third Party Tested

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lion's heart

Mind Sharp.
Lion's Heart.

Each cup of MAGIC Coffee combines the energising properties of coffee with the brain boosting benefits of Lion’s Mane Mushroom to support mental and physical sharpness.
Lion’s Mane is an edible mushroom that has been used for thousands of years in Traditional Chinese Medicine to promote brain health and mental clarity.

Research has shown that Lion’s Mane enhances neurogenesis, improves working memory and recall, and can protect against diseases including dementia and Alzheimer’s.
fair trade

Fair Trade
& Organic

Running an ethical business is extremely important to us, which is why we went the extra mile to create a coffee that benefits both people and planet.


What makes our mushroom extract different.Not all mushrooms extract are equal.

Almost all of the magical health benefits of mushrooms are found in the ‘fruiting body’ that grows above ground – A.K.A the mushroom that we eat! But sadly, almost all major mushroom suppliers use the cheap mycelium extract that is taken from the roots of the mushroom that grow underground before the fruit is fully developed. Unsurprisingly, these mycelium extracts contain a fraction of the health benefits of the real mushroom!

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Brew yourself in less than 3 minutes for the freshest, cleanest ground coffee with added Lion’s Mane.
  • Add three teaspoons of MAGIC Coffee to your French press
  • Pour in 250ml of hot water
  • Wait for two minutes then plunge for the perfect brew
  • Pour into your favorite mug or travel cup


According to a 2018 study by Clean Label Project, alarming levels of heavy metals such as arsenic, mercury and lead have been found in some of the most popular protein products on the market.



Heavy metals find their way into protein powders when big brands grow ingredients on huge industrial farms with poor soil quality and heavy reliance on chemical fertilizers and pesticides. They then skip the all important heavy metal checks to save their precious profit margins, resulting in protein powders that are potentially toxic to our health.

Seeing this research made us even more determined to produce the healthiest, cleanest and safest on the planet. This is why we only source the highest quality ingredients and batch test our products to ensure they are 100% safe.



To ensure we are using the highest quality ingredients possible we only work with suppliers, farmers and growers that we know and trust.

All of our suppliers meet strict EU compliance and quality control standards, and grow according to our VGANIC brand promise, so we can guarantee that no corners are being cut when growing our ingredients.


All of the ingredients we use in our products are tested at the source for heavy metals and other contaminants. This way we can guarantee that they are safe before they even come into our manufacturing facility.


All of our products are third party tested for heavy metals and other contaminants. To see our latest lab results click the button above to download the report.


Organic Ground Coffee Powder
100% Arabica coffee beans grown in high altitudes in the Lekempt region of Ethiopia. Certified fair trade and organic.
Lion’s Mane Fruiting Body Extract
Lion’s Mane is an edible mushroom that has been used for thousands of years in Traditional Chinese Medicine to promote brain health and mental clarity. Each serving of MAGIC Mushroom Coffee contain 500mg Lion’s Mane Mushroom.
We use third party lab tests to guarantee the quality and purity of all our products.
Click the button below to view our latest third party lab tests.


Our coffee beans are grown at high altitudes in the Lekempt region of Ethiopia, known locally as ‘the birthplace of coffee.’ The beans are hand harvested, sun dried, and then roasted and ground in small batches at our roastery in Bristol, UK. MAGIC Mushroom Coffee combines the energising properties of coffee with the brain boosting benefits of Lion’s Mane Mushroom to support mental and physical sharpness. Expect longer lasting energy and greater mental clarity when using MAGIC Mushroom Coffeee. It is also tested for mycotoxins to guarantee the cleanest and healthiest coffee. Each 14g serving contains around 110-195mg caffeine. Caffeine content may vary depending on how you choose to brew it. We recommend beginning with 1 serving per day of any of our MAGIC products, so you can get a feel for how each mushroom affects your body.

Once you are comfortable with each mushroom, you can certainly increase your dosage to find what works best for you. Mushrooms can definitely be combined!
Running a truly ethical and sustainable business is extremely important to us. This is why MAGIC mushroom coffee is certified fair trade and certified organic by Organic Farmers and Growers. Don’t worry! Magic Mushroom Coffee doesn’t taste like mushrooms. It has a rich, smooth flavor that is as just as delicious as your favorite coffee. Our coffee is tested for mycotoxins including Ochratoxin A, Aflatoxin B1, B2, G1, G2, Total Aflatoxins and Aflatoxin M1. You can click here to see the lab results showing that these mycotoxins cannot be detected in our products. Yea you can use both of these methods to brew coffee. We recommend the French press to give maximum benefits from the coffee and mushrooms.

We believe in our products so much we offer a 30 day money back guarantee on everything we sell. If this product doesn’t meet your expectations, you can return it to us for a refund. Simply get in touch with us!
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Excellent customer service!

I had some questions ordering the first time. Every one of them got answered quickly, professionally and satisfying! When I got my order I found a handwritten personal note from the Vivo team that made me smile.