VGanic is our brand promise that goes beyond organic for your health, for the planet, and for the animals.

The VGanic logo can be found on all of our products, and can guarantee that your products are:

  • 100% vegan
  • Ethically and sustainably sourced
  • Grown without pesticides, herbicides and fungicides
  • Non GMO
  • Cutting edge and backed by science
  • Thoroughly tested for heavy metals and contaminants
NEVER tested on animals

For your health

Whilst organic ingredients are without a doubt better than conventionally grown ones, they are still not perfect. Under organic certification, there are no regulations for growers to further check their ingredients for impurities such as heavy metals and harmful contaminants.

With VGanic, we promise that all ingredients are rigorously batch tested at source for heavy metals and contaminants such as lead, arsenic and mercury to ensure there is no danger of them making their way into your product.

What’s more, traditional organic certifiers are notoriously slow at staying up to date with new research and regulations from country to country, which is why some ingredients cannot be considered ‘organic’ despite being grown organically. Many of our cutting edge ingredients such as stevia leaf, bio-fermented pea protein and plant based BCAA are all grown without pesticides and herbicides, but cannot be certified as ‘organic’ as there are no regulations in place to approve them.

For The animals

By choosing VGanic, you guarantee that your product is 100% plant based with no animal derived ingredients, testing or cruelty. VGanic honours our commitment to treat all living beings with respect and compassion.

For the planet

VGanic also allows us to support smaller community farmers who cannot afford an expensive organic logo, but are still committed to growing ingredients as nature intended. Not only does this support small businesses and their local communities, but it also allows us to reduce miles from source to supplement to help protect our environment.

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