Salvatore Notaro

Sports & Fitness: Boxing, Circuit training

Favourites: PERFORM Salted Maca Caramel, THRIVE

Food: Protein and oats, pancakes, bananas, prunes

Couldn't live without...: Boxing, Vivo Life, music, meditation


Vivo Director & Fitness Fanatic

Josh Bolding

Sports & Fitness: Surfing, Weight Training, Calisthenics, Epic Adventures

Favourites: All MAGIC products, THRIVE, and vanilla PERFORM!

Food: Watermelon, mango, avocado, sweet potatoes, curry, vegan doughnuts

Couldn't live without...: Dogs, music and board shorts

Josh Bolding

Vivo Director / Chairman of the afternoon nap committee

Charlotte Cliffe

Sports & Fitness: Netball, Yoga, Spin

Favourites: THRIVE, Perform Maca Caramel

Food: Courgetti, Avocado, Japanese Food, Cacao Nibs, Maca Powder

Couldn't live without...: Festivals, Green Tea and Tahini

Charlotte Cliffe

Marketing Manager/ Head of lightbulb moments

Christian Lewis Pratt

Sports & Fitness: Rugby, Running, Gymnastics, Strength Training

Favourites: SUSTAIN, Madagascan Vanilla PERFORM, THRIVE

Food: Banana Pancakes, Cookies

Couldn't live without...: The support of my family, exercise and good food

Christian Lewis Pratt

Community & Events Manager

Federica Parisi

Sports & Fitness: Mud runs, adventurous walks, jogs, the occasional scrap

Favourites: Thrive, Raw Cacao Perform

Food: Legumes, homemade cashew cheese, olives, potatoes in every form, vegan pizza!

Couldn't live without...: Sunshine, fresh water, cheesy boybands

Federica Parisi

Happiness Engineer Team Leader

Clare Rice

Sports & Fitness: Walking, Running, Circuit Training, Skiing

Favourites: THRIVE, Maca, Matcha

Food: Avocado, Nuts, Lentils, Pasta

Couldn't live without...: My family, My Cat, Red Wine!

Clare Rice

Happiness Engineer

Klara Beranova

Sports & Fitness: Squash, Snowboarding, Gym

Favourites: THRIVE Living Multinutrient Pineapple, Perform Madagascar Vanilla, Matcha

Food: Vegan meals, dark chocolate, green smoothie

Couldn't live without...: Animals, sunshine, nature

Klara Beranova

Product Development and Quality Control

Hannah Payne

Sports & Fitness: Calisthenics, Kettlebells, Super Sprint Triathlons and Cross Country runs with my dog :)

Favourites: Perform Acai & Blueberry, Thrive Blueberry and Sustain Blueberry

Food: Banana Pancakes, Avocados, Cashew nut butter and Thai Food

Couldn't live without...: My family, My dog, Soul music and Living in the countryside!

Hannah Payne

Happiness Engineer

Janet Flege

Sports & Fitness: Cycling, hiking, running

Favourites: PERFORM Madagascan Vanilla and Salted Maca Caramel, THRIVE, MACA

Food: Mango, Purple Sweet potatoes, Pak Choi, Green beans, Shiitake, Coconut Curry, Brown rice, Watermelon, Avocados

Couldn't live without...: THRIVE every morning! Drawing, being in Nature, Sunlight, Art, Animals, being Vegan

Janet Flege

Marketing Executive, Germany

Sarah Dillon

Sports & Fitness: Yoga, Spin and Swimming

Favourites: THRIVE, Matcha

Food: Watermelon, Lentil Dahl, Buddha Bowls

Couldn't live without...: Meditation, Crystals, Oat Milk

Sarah Dillon

Global trade sales manager

Karen Chamerette

Sports & Fitness: Crossfit, weight training, bouldering, hiking

Favourites: PERFORM Madagascan Vanilla, THRIVE Blueberry & Lucuma, SUSTAIN Baobab & Blueberry

Food: Vegan pizza, coconut & chickpea curry, fajitas, tacos, brownies, hot chocolate, smoothies

Couldn't live without...: Crossfit, music & houmous

Karen Chamerette

Happiness Engineer