Healthy Green Smoothie Bowl

Our newest healthy green smoothie recipe is here!

Tall, dark and handsome? What about round, green and delicious 👀

If you struggle to get enough greens in your diet, one of the easiest things you can do is add a large handful to your favourite smoothie or smoothie bowl!

🌱 Green foods are loaded with essential minerals like iron, magnesium and calcium along with many important antioxidants too. This is one of the reasons we include dark leafy green powders like broccoli and kale in our THRIVE multinutrient too.

Eating your greens are especially important for gaining muscle mass and incorporating iron into your diet as it plays an important role in getting oxygen from your lungs to your muscles, which makes it a crucial nutrient when you’re trying to bulk up. Have a look at our Nutritionist's Guide To A Vegan Bodybuilding Diet for more information on how to eat like a vegan bodybuilder.

With veggies incorporated into your healthy smoothie, you’ll hardly taste the difference but you’ll enjoy all the health benefits that green foods have to offer 💚

Try this one out for size!


easy healthy green smoothie recipe



  • Chunky granola
  • Cacao nibs


1. Mix together in blender and enjoy!

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This deliciously healthy green smoothie recipe was created the incredible @zannavandijk 💚